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Who is this Chick?

Anne riding Rocky and ponying Summit

I like to think I am “just some farm girl in Massachusetts”. However, the real truth is that I grew up in a fairly small, suburban town in Massachusetts called Holden. We always had cats, dogs, and your occasional guinea pig, mouse, and frog. I got involved with horses when I was 8 years old. I always dreamed about having a farmhouse, a big barn, a bunch of equines and I thought I would live my days scooping horse manure, lugging hay bales, and riding off into the sunset!

In 2000, my husband and I bought 12 acres of land about 45 minutes away from where we both grew up. We do have a barn and a bunch of animals but I also stay extremely busy in my full-time sales career. Every day I am scooping horse manure and lugging hay as I once dreamed about. While I may not ride off into the sunset every night, I spend a lot of time riding our two horses Summit and Rocky.

So where does woodworking come into play? I started “banging nails” when I was very young. I would go downstairs into my Dad’s workshop where he seemed to always be working on a project at his workbench and using his radial arm saw. That machine scared me, yet I was mesmerized at the same time. "What could I build with that if I only knew how?!" I used to grab some scrap wood from underneath it, and envision that I would finish with a new set of kitchen cabinets. Instead, I always ended up with just a bunch of uneven and unmatched pieces of nothing with nails that always bent over as I hammered them. However, I was learning as I went.

In 2002, we started building our house in Petersham and I was fascinated watching my husband and father build a good portion of it. The tools and machinery they used amazed me. The woodworking terminology they tossed around in ordinary conversation was intriguing. The end result was astonishing. And so, years later, I once again returned to the basement and started banging some nails again. Only this time, I was much older, a bit wiser, and I had a clearer vision of creating rustic, distressed pieces that people could actually use!

And so, my first bench was created. Then a blanket box. Then I made a buffet table. Then a desk. Then people actually wanted to buy what I was making! And suddenly, “Farmiture Chic” was created!

I hope you enjoy what I create. Please visit often because new products will be added regularly. If there is something you don't see, just ask! I want to hear about your inspirations as well and if I can help create it, I will!

Life on the Farm

The Farmiture Chic Ranch

Home is truly where the heart is. Our home is where we find peace with our animals. My furniture pieces are just an extension and reflection of life on our farm.